Cause love is such an old fashioned word (Δουρειος Ίππος), 2016
@Enterprise Projects
Installation, fanzines
A text commenting on the installation written by the artist Kosmas Nikolaou was displayed close to the benches. Πεζοτράγουδα για την Καλλιόπη (ή διαφορετικά το πένθος ταιριάζει στη Ηλέκτρα)

The relocation of  Kalabsha temple in Egypt  and its relation to story of the Trojan horse inspires the exhibition. The show is dealing with the idea of the monument, the ruins, the landmark, the performance of destruction and the ever shifting of the above definitions.
The exhibition space becomes a pseudo-historical space, a pseudo-memorial site where the audience is invited to consume. This work was constructed from materials that were either accidentally found at the exhibition area (studio of other artist) or moved from my studio mainly as repurposed elements of earlier works. The white acrylic paint along with a fanzine and a wall text by artist Kosmas Nikolaou, written especially for the exhibition, were the only new elements of the show.
The word “Welcome” written on the “Horse” indicates the intermediate moment that occurs in every encounter.

δελτίο τύπου / press release

photos: Stathis Mamalakis