Be quiet, 2016
Wood venner, plastic bags, marbles, prints, screwdriver, staryfoam, wheels, plastic bottles
NEVAN CONTEMPO, Prague/ Czech Republic
curated by Edith Jeřábková

Taking as a starting point two images, one from my studio and one from my home, depicting moments of inaction,the exhibition “Be Quiet” functions as a spatial experience with references to (collective) movement and personal routes. The gallery space was filled with a large floor sculpture, a collage of wooden veneer limiting the space, referencing aerial photography. Nailed on the walls, there were plastic sachets with marble chips in them.
I brought the marble from Athens myself in an act of mimicking the way valuable items are being transported. In the second room, the two images were installed together with a sculpture made of Styrofoam and plastic bottles filled with water. The synthesis, balanced on wheels, created an alternative elevated view of the landscape.

«I imagine a performer whispering “be quiet” in the ears of visitors, I imagine a male figure screaming at his desk, a psychotherapist with his client, a group of people in danger, a mother and child, and an artist in an empty room. All of these incarnations are stereotypical, since they live in us like archetypes from the past, though their irruption creates an uncertain tension. Fear of the historical means enslavement in the present. Controlled repetition has the ability to affect other recognition receptors. This exhibition should be both a particular and a universal starting point for individual considerations.»
part of the curatorial text by Edith Jeřábková, read the full text/CZ_EN

images by Peter Fabo