Bread, 2020

commissioned by TAVROS, in collaboration with Elisavet Koulouri (baker) and A Whale’s architects /Iris and Leda Lykourioti (architecture office )

How the chemical reactions that form the invisible micro-architecture of connections and disconnections that erupt into bread are metaphors for the complexity of our political interactions as the body politic vibrates and demands. Grain, cultivation, city states and the written word were after all born concurrently. The complexity of the biological and the political are explored, through bread, with words? The newspaper is a response to a need (or a want) for us all to be in touch, to touch, to be touched. So that our senses, currently denied a common response to matter, can return to the haptic and mouths, tongues, words, language.
The texts appearing in the newspaper have been translated into the language of (almost) every community that resides in Tavros – Greek, Punjabi, Russian, Albanian, Armenian, Arab and French. It has been disseminated freely in bakeries in the broader neighborhood and has been posted to a group of colleagues and friends, while the city of Athens was in a lockdown.

Images by Alexandra Masmanidi